"Nikki. . . what do you want out of life?" I asked myself as I looked in the mirror. At the time I thought I was repeating a rhetorical question, but to my surprise an answer came. I wanted to do hair. I thought of myself as a little girl and how I would put my hair in rollers every chance I got (which was a lot of hoopla for a farm girl). The picture of what I wanted was so vivid, I felt compelled to put a pen to paper. I was so excited that I could barely understand my own scribble. My mind spun in the most exciting way. I was 27 and thought of all the reasons why I would love to be a hairstylist. I dreamt of owning my own salon in Rushford. I thought about all the differences I could make, not only in hair. . . but also in this beautiful bluff country that I love so much. I thought of making people feel beautiful on the outside, but more importantly the inside. I thought of this gig as more than just hair, but as an experience to fill people with joy and make the world just a little bit sweeter by playing out my life's purpose. Years after that initial thought, here I am. . . living out my dream. Like, someone pinch me. I love doing hair and everything that goes along with it. When I see people pep up in my chair after I give them a new 'do and give themselves "the look" my day is made. Building self confidence in others has got to be one of the most rewarding gifts a hairstylist can have. I believe in my vision and feel fortunate to have been blessed with such, so to all those who have supported this crazy, scary, awesome, super exciting dream of mine. . . I thank you. Here's to a new chapter in my storybook!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Eleanor Roosevelt 


mission statement

My goal is for clients to recognize their own individual beauty, one that is uniquely theirs. My vision is for beauty to be seen not only in hair, but in the simple gifts we are awarded each and every day.

Core values

:: Gratitude

:: Simplicity

:: Self Love 

the enso

The "broken circle" in The Shop Salon's logo is an ensō circle. When I found out the meaning behind this expression of art I knew it was made for The Shop.

The ensō. . .

:: Is created in a single brush stroke reminding us to appreciate the beauty in each moment. 

:: No two are the same.

:: The break 1). signifies how moments in life are imperfect, but perfect and 2). illustrates that we are not closed off from the universe, but instead reminds us that we are part of something greater than ourselves.

So. . . just as no two ensō circles are the same, no two humans are the same. We are all imperfectly perfect human beings existing together in a universe greater than ourselves.


Live in the moment, experience the beauty, embrace what is #uniquelyyours and go on with your imperfectly perfect self!